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Wisdom winding machine (shanghai) Co.,ltd is a leading enterprise, exclusively specialized in the design, production, marketing and service of winding machines and other ancillary equipments. Since its establishment, Wisdom has made constant efforts to develop and design for winding machine for special use in current transformer, inductance ballast, Car Alternator and so on.

Main Products

  • TT-H06B toroidal winding machine
    Slider type toroidal winding machine. It's an accurately and reliability digital toroid-winding machine. is used for toroidal inductor, toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal current sensor, toroidal coil, toroid chock coil, power inductors, power magnetics,UPS inductor, converter inductors, watter metter sensors, toroid current transformer of electronic watter-hour meter etc
  • TT-ZM01X1 Thin voice coil winding machine
    speaker voice coil winding machine
  • Motor Stator Coil Winding Machine
    Motor Stator Coil Winding Machine, widely used for Motor Stator Coil winding
  • TT-CM01D Manual Ejector Pins Winding Machine - CNC Large Torsion Winding Machine
    High-Torsion Series digital coil winding machine is digital Programmable coil winding machine. It's the best choice for Secondary winding, reactive coil, electric power transformer and for big coil of thick wire . Widely used for transformer, inductance ballast, Car Alternator and so on
  • TT-ZM04X1 Positive four-axis winding machine
    digital coil winding machine are digital programmable High-speed coil winding machine, there are four models: One spindle, two Spindles, three spindles and four spindles. It's the highest efficiency equipment. they are best choice for winding transformer,inductor,relay,ignition,electric valve,etc.
  • TT-CM01X high-frequency transformer special winding machine
    Automatic Transformer Coil Winding Machine SS-600 digital coil winding machine is digital programmable Coil winding machine, there is insulation tape device and margin tape device with the machine. It's the best choice for winding transformer, relay, inductors, contactor coil, ignition coil, etc..

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Toroidal coil winding machine, linear winding machine, transformer coil winding machine, speaker voice coil winidng machine, high speed winding amchine,High-frequency transformer special winding machine.
We are a professional manufacturer for coil winding machines,our quality is same as USA Jovil, Gorman and Germany Ruff, while the price is much more competitive.

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